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As the name suggests, this is a large tree. The Big Banyan Tree is a major tourist sight with the domestic visitors as it features heavily in the Liu Sanjie (Third Sister Liu) story; the one that the Light Show is all about. The Big Banyan Tree is where Liu Sanjie tossed her Silk Ball (a traditional custom) to her lover. He accepted and they lived here happily ever after.

Domestic visitors really enjoy the site and you will see many large groups pulling up for the chance to take photos.

Foreign visitors might be shocked to find that many of the photo opportunities involve animals in poor conditions. Monkeys are dressed up and chained; peacocks parade with the tails clipped off and taped back into what must be the preferred style. Go there only if such sites will not distress you.

You may be able to get a glimpse of the tree as you go past on the main road. That is enough for most foreigners.