Bamboo Rafting

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7th May, 2009

There are two types of Bamboo Rafting in the Yangshuo area. You can take a motorized raft on the main Li River, or be poled down the Yulong River, one of its tributaries

Motorized Rafts on the Li River

A ride on a bamboo raft is a very relaxing way of enjoying the scenery here in Yangshuo. Just sit down and take  in the views.

The bamboo rafts all sit at least 4 people comfortably. There are some with seats for more people, and these often have a canopy. Those with less seats can take bikes. It is defitinely a good idea to incorporate a bamboo raft trip as part of a day's bike ride; we do on many of our standard tours.

You can hire a raft to just cross the Li River at Yangshuo (the 'island' oppsoite makes a nice spot for a picnic - but be aware that there is no shade) or for longer. Generally, a two hour trip would be about the maximum.

Poling down the Yulong River

The Yulong River is a tributary of the Li River. It has become THE place to get on a bamboo raft and be poled down at a very gentle pace by a local farmer become boatman.

Various sections are open for business. Prices start at about 100 yuan.

The Yulong has a series of weirs (small dams) and your boatman will pole you down over these. Lifejackets are provided and we strongly suggest you wear yours.

You can take bikes on the raft and continue cycling at the other end - a great option that saves on transport costs.

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Where to bamboo raft

Yulong River

The original location for bamboo rafting and still very popular. The bamboo rafts here float downstream and the scenery is very special. There are locals along the river who will sell you drinks and others who have set up a camera with printer to take snaps of you and sell them to you


Just in Yangshuo itself, you can take a bamboo raft with a small motor. You can go up the Li River past the Li River Retreat and beyond with the tall peaks around you, or you can one of these rafts downstream towards Fuli. These are very special at sunset


As Xingping is on the back of the 20 Yuan note, many visitors take bamboo rafts to a spot in the Li River where they can get to see the image on the bank note. You can also do longer bamboo raft trips up towards 9 horse dragon hill

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