Xingping - 兴评

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15th Nov, 2008

Xingping is Li River market town

 Come here on any day of the month which ends in 3,6 or 9 and you will people from all the surrounding villages buying and selling their produce. All the locals will be coming in early in the morning on boats, buses, trucks, etc

 There will be traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, barbers, dentists and much more

Xingping is also the location for the picture on the back the Chinese 20 Yuan note. You can actually go to the exact spot from where the photo was taken

You can also do some boat trips on the Li River from here

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Latest Articles

Yangshuo Now - September

This article was written by: Alf
Date: 20th Sep, 2012

The guys over at Yangshuo Now have just published their September edition of their magazine. This edition focuses on many aspects of the Li River including the lesser know site of the Ling Canal. They also have the recipe for the local dish of stuffed snails. There is some fun stuff and some local news. To get your free copy, go over to their website

New Yangshuo Magazine

This article was written by: Yangshuo Now
Date: 16th Jan, 2012

Yangshuo has a brand new online magazine. It is full of interesting articles and useful hints.

You can download it from their website (

It is well worth a read

Guilin to Xingping Bike Ride

This article was written by: Ian Ford
Date: 25th Mar, 2009

16 March started early. Alf had arranged to come and pick me up outside my house just after 06:30 for the drive up to Guilin. We were to meet two of his clients there and then cycle from the outskirts of Guilin down the countryside on the far (East) bank of the Li River to Xingping. It was a ride I had long wanted to do and the day looked just perfect. A little cloud cover but otherwise just cool and fresh.

Li River Cruises

This article was written by: Alf
Date: 15th Nov, 2008

There are many different types of cruises that you can do on the Li River, and I have done most of them

Guilin only cruises

These have to be the worst of the lot. Guilin city itself has very few Karst peaks of any real height. You get to cruise within the city and observe 3 or 4 peaks. The rest of the time, you get to glimpse hotels, traffic and shops, ouch!!!