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Flights from Shenzhen to Guilin

As Yangshuo does not have an airport, you would need to fly into Guilin. Guilin's airport is approximately 95kms from Yangshuo

There are several flights each day from Shenzhen to Guilin. You can purchase these over the internet in advance or you can purchase them at most travel agents in Hong Kong. If you are in Hong Kong, you could also purchase a combination high speed ferry/ flight ticket at a very good price. These combination tickets include a ferry from Kowloon to the port near Shenzhen's airport. A free bus shuttle from the port to the airport and the flight to Guilin. This makes it very convinient

ctrip is a good website to find flight times and prices

Trains from Shenzhen to Guilin.

There is one overnight train each day from Shenzhen to Guilin. This train has Soft and Hard sleeper berths. Buying train tickets in advance is usually difficult if you are overseas. We don't have any website that we can recommend for you to buy train tickets from.

The only sound advice we can give you on how to buy tickets for these trains is to go to a China Travel Service branch in Hong Kong atleast 3 days before the day you intend to take the train. They can then easily obtain the ticket/s for you

If you want to do it on your own, then you can just go to one of the ticket windows at the train station in Shenzhen. The train does get busy on weekends and any major Chinese holiday

To check the latest train schedule for trains from Shenzhen to Guilin we recommend this website

Click here for more information on how to from Guilin to Yangshuo

Buses from Shenzhen to Yangshuo

There are several buses from Shenzhen to Guilin. The best part is they actaully go past Yangshuo on the way to Guilin which means you arrive earlier. The buses are quite good and safe. Many of them are sleeper buses. These have a bunk bed. If you are over 180cm (6ft) in height, then you will have to crouch a bit in the bed.

For newcomers to China, we recommend taking the bus from the Lo Wu station. This station is right next to the border crossing from Hong Kong. There is one bus leaving at 7.30pm and another at 8.30pm. Tickets for the 7.30pm bus can be bought in advance from any CTS (China Travel Service) branch in Hong Kong. These buses take about 10 hours to reach Yangshuo which means you should be here at about 5.30am.

There are also buses to Yangshuo from the Futian and Yinhu bus stations

On arrival in Lo Wu, go through Hong Kong and China immigration. As soon as you come out of the Chinese immigration, look to your left and you will see an escalator. Go up on this escalator and walk on the overpass that goes over the train station and this will take you to the bus station.

Here is a detailed explanation on getting to Yangshuo on either the bus or train