Yangshuo - 阳朔

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20th Sep, 2015

Yangshuo is an incredibly beautiful place. The landscape is dotted with karst (eroded limestone) peaks and the Li river winds its way past, heading south to join the Pearl River before the South China Sea.

Yangshuo is your break from all the major cities in China. This is where you can experience some real China. Getting out into the countryside to see traditional rural life is easy. Most choose to take a bike but you can also go on foot or by car or boat. You can go with or without a guide; there are advantages to each style - so choose your own.

Yangshuo is a very laid back town with excellent facilities for visitors. The town has a better choice of hotels and guesthouese than most cities, with more top-end ones on the way. There are many agencies offering just about every kind of activity that you can imagine.

This site is here to help you get a grip on all the possibilities and to make informed choices for your time in Yangshuo.  Enjoy your visit

If you want to stay with us, we now have our own brilliant little place. It is called Alf's Place Yangshuo

Alfs Place YangshuoYangshuo Secret Garden

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Li River Retreat

This article was written by: James
Date: 5th Jan, 2015

The big news this year is that the very popular Li River Retreat will be closing for a major refurbishment which will take over a year to complete. We are sure that once it re-opens it will be amazing and mantain its great popularity.

In the meantime, the owners will run a small operation out of an apartment on the outskirts of Yangshuo. Again, they have gone for a place with great views and nice sized rooms. Their apartment has 3 rooms with 2 of them having the great views. They will bring along some of the staff from the Li River Retreat and will be offer meals, tours and all the great service that the guests at the Li River Retreat have been accustomed to.

It sounds like it will be somwehere very unique in Yangshuo